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Vaughn McClure Q&A with Jerry Angelo

Vaughn McClure did a pretty interesting Q&A with Bears GM Jerry Angelo this week on such topics as the draft, Mike Tice and Jay Cutler; you can check it out over here.

Proponents of revamping the offensive line, avert your eyes.

How would you break down this year's draft class?

It's a very good underclassmen draft because there are a lot more numbers. Looks like defensive line, which I thought was heavy last year, might be as heavy or heavier this year. ... Offensive line, it looks like it is solid; not great, but solid.

Especially frightening is this little segment in regards to players' medical history coming out of college...

There are going to be some players you draft who are going to have some risks. It's a violent game. It's violent in college, too. These (college) guys are playing 13-14-game schedules. They're almost playing as many plays as an NFL team on a 16-game schedule. They're not coming out of college pristine. That's a fact.

Yes, Jerry, they play hard in college, but most NFL prospects don't have major back surgery that forces them to miss their rookie season. Just so you know, it's okay to draft players that aren't already injured.