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NFL Thoughts: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Bears safety and friend to Windy City Gridiron Chris Harris posed a question on his Facebook page.  He wondered if fans think NFL players make too much money?  Here's my comment on the subject;  I will never begrudge a man for making the most money he can in his given profession.  I'll never understand how people can complain that athletes make too much money, then turn around and buy their jerseys, pay for NFL Sunday ticket, drop a few hundred bucks to see a game live, and spend all season talking / calling sports radio / texting / visiting message boards / emailing / and what ever other water cooler type talk fans do.  They get paid what the market dictates.  I think it's crap that teachers, firemen, and police officers can't make that type of life changing money, but that's how it is.

1)  Reports are that the Colts offered a 4 year $72 million contract to Peyton Manning.  I said I'd never complain about how much a player makes, but when one man's deal is effecting the entire team and their ability to sign teammates, that appears selfish on some levels.

2)  The meetings between the NFL and the union reps are going swimmingly.  I'll stand by my statement from last week, there is no way the games aren't played.  Something will get worked out.

3)  I think Derrick Rose would have made a heck of a running back had he chose football (as a Bulls fan I'm glad he picked hoops), what other current NBA players do you think could have been just as good on the gridiron?

4)  Denver Broncos offensive tackle Ryan Harris nearly became a member of the Bears last season?  Could they revisit the idea of adding him?

5)  I love all the mock drafts floating around, but those things really don't take shape until after the NFL Combine.  Teams put so much stock into the numbers. 

6)  And speaking of those mock drafts, there's dosen't seem to be a consensus yet on who the Carolina Panthers will take #1 overall.  If I was them I'd go with the disruptive DT from Auburn, Nick Fairley.  Then again he might lay an egg at the combine...

7)  The Eagles want a 1st and a 3rd round pick for back up QB Kevin Kolb...  Yeah, good luck with that...

8)  Does Michael Vick realize that no one on the planet can give him the kind of feel good P.R. that Oprah Winfrey can?  Softball questions, her and her audience oohing and ahhing at his every word, and by the time the interview aired the public would think of Vick as a victim of society.  Simply put, the Oprah Seal Of Approval carries more weight than any thing he could do for his image.

9)  Maybe these players do make too much money...  Bryant McKinnie dropped $100,000 in a night!?!

10)  Hopefully Dave Duerson's donation to science will be able to provide some answers.