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The Bears Den: February 22, 2011

...where it's neither good nor bad, it just IS. Wait, that might be The Bears Zen.


Lovie answers questions from fans. "We're close, very close." Read, and we'll go from there.

Da Coach: 18-game season idea is all about the money. This would be the part where you just agree and move on.

Andrew Brandt from NFP agrees. He just uses more words to do it.

Follow WCG on Twitter. Read cool tweets. Collect them all!

Bears' Duerson had pending personal bankruptcy. More sadness. Sean Jensen adds this.

Day four of mediation. Hunter Hillenmeyer stopped by. Represent!

Rotoworld's 2011 Combine Preview. The fun starts Thursday. Play along at home.

Lombardi: Teams must focus on talent over need. You'll get what you need.

Speed kills. Or does it? Joe Fortenbaugh answers questions you didn't even ask.

A show I will never watch. But you can. Aaron on Ellen.

Ozzie: Don't (bleep) criticize his (bleep) family. He might "kill" you. Yes, he said that.