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Bears GM Jerry Angelo all but confirms RB Chester Taylor will return in 2011

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In a story that has flown under the radar the last couple days (those pesky Q/As tend to do that sometimes), Bears GM Jerry Angelo tells Vaughn McClure that RB Chester Taylor is likely to return for 2011.

McClure: What about the report of running back Chester Taylor being cut?

Angelo: I don't know why that was reported. Is that to say he's a lock to be on this football team in 2011? Very few players are a lock. Players have to earn their way on the team irrelevant of what their status is coming into the season. But there's no target on Chester Taylor.


Our own Lester Wiltfong, Jr. didn't think the Bears would end up giving Taylor the boot, but there have been plenty of arguments on whether the Bears over-spent when acquiring Taylor via free agency.

Unless Angelo was bluffing (or he changes his mind), it appears that we'll see another year of Forte-Taylor, with Wolfe, Bell, and Unga to be determined.

Are you surprised that Taylor looks to be back, considering his 2010 performance? Who do you see the Bears keeping as their #3 back?  Will a 4th stick as a ST contributor?