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Mocking the Mocks: Who they think the Bears will take

Last time out I looked at a couple Mock Drafts from CBS, and both of their experts had the Bears taking offensive tackle Cabe Carmini of Wisconsin, a pick I would not be mad at. With the NFL Combine getting started on February 24th, I'd expect a lot of shuffling to take place in everyone's mock draft, but I wanted to look at one more before the shake up happens. Don Banks of Sports Illustrated has his mock up, last updated on February 17th. Head over and check his mock out (right here), then come back to WCG and we'll look at the pick.

With the 29th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Don Banks of SI has the Bears selecting offensive tackle Derek Sherrod of Mississippi State. Banks has the Junior LT as the 6th offensive lineman, and the 5th offensive tackle taken off his board. If his draft were to fall this way, I'd be OK with the pick. Here's what he had to say about Sherrod:

The Bears have decent options when their turn comes around. They can get help for the offensive line that caused them so many headaches, particularly early in the season, or address their needs at either defensive tackle, receiver or cornerback. Sherrod is the highest-rated remaining tackle, but Texas cornerback Aaron Williams and LSU defensive tackle Drake Nevis would also make sense.

I do find it odd that he mentions LSU DT Drake Nevis, yet fails to speculate on Illinois DT Corey Liuget, whom he has going one pick after the Bears at 30 to the N.Y. Jets. I've seen Sherrod rated between 2nd and 6th among offensive tackles, with most pegging him about 5th best, and I've seen Liuget (who seems to be a WCG favorite) ranked between 2nd and 8th as a DT prospect, with most having him about the 3rd best prospect. I could see Jerry Angelo taking Liuget if the actual draft were to go like this mock.

Sherrod is an athletic player (here's a link to one of his scouting reports) and projects to left tackle in the NFL, but after getting poked, prodded, interviewed, tested, measured, and timed at the Combine, that may change.