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The Bears Den: February 24, 2011

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...where it is not quite unlike a meat house for blind dogs.

Bears nearing crossroads with Tommie Harris. Decision may be made sooner than later. Brad Biggs.

A Wide Receiver in Chicago? Kevin Seifert opens his mail bag. Finds questions. And his electric bill.

What will the Bears do with Greg Olson? This has been discussed. Sean Jensen would like to discuss it further.

Follow WCG on Twitter. It will awaken you at 6:00 AM. Or whenever you choose. It's just that good.

Six down. One day to go in mediated labor talks. "These are unusual times."

Angelo leads Bears contingent to Indy. "It's a good draft for lineman."

Scouting Combine often yields more questions than answers. Mindset as important as physical skill.

"You have to accept my pain." Another outstanding Duerson article.

"It's time for ex-players to be scared. Very scared." Retired Perennial Pro-Bowl LB Jessie Tuggle.

Former Bear Kurt Becker advocates legislation. Educate the parent and child-athlete on symptoms and effects of concussions.

DD's Death is a warning. "Today it's just a game. Tomorrow it may be a life."

Duerson's suicide rattles ex-Bear Plank. May have suffered at least 30 concussions.

Ranking the Free Agent QB's. Nope, nope, nope, nope, and been there, done that.

NFL Combine Be sure to check in here at WCG throughout today and the days ahead for NFL Combine updates and discussions.

Human Cannonball: