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The Bears Den: February 25th, 2011 Edition

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...where it's not how you play the game, it's if you win or lose.

Combine'11: Only two QBs won't throw - Ahh, the combine. That wonderful time of year when we can fall in love with young players, based solely on the fact that the ran two tenths of a second faster than some other guy in a completely controlled situation.

Olsen prefers the route that keeps him with Bears - After the completely random ups and downs in how often he's targeted, i'm a little surprised he'd want to stay so much.

Indications are new deal for coach Lovie Smith is imminent - Adjust your countdown clocks, boys and girls. It could be a while.

Broncos coach: Orton our starter 'right now' - Right now = 'Hey, do you think I can draft that Newton kid?'

WCG on Twitter. You can make it happen. You can be the one. You can be the person whose dreams light up the sun.
Buddy Ryan insists he didn't call Dave Duerson derogatory word - I'm really not sure which side of this story to believe.

Statement-By-FMCS-Director-Cohen-On-NFL-NFLPA-Talks - Things aren't going that splendidly, it seems.

Combine'11: Schwartz denies tampering - I think he went with the "If I was good at tampering, don't you think I'dve tried to win more games?" defense.

Combine'11: Crosby and Rice as RFAs - Go buy all the free agents.

News Article " Telegram announcing Matson's trade - Nine guys for one? What is this, baseball?

Harbaugh cherishes Ditka's tutelage. - The mighty Ditka hath impressed on him lessons of life learned.

Is it time to revamp the scouting combine? - Yes. There is no reason for football teams to make multi-million dollar predictions based on watching a series of workouts.

Tackle Sherrod could be option for Bears - The sled would be a pretty decent option to put out there, too.

Combine'11: OL possibilities for Bears - Everyone keeps putting an O in front of the L. Don't they know that we draft Defensive lineman, and buy old broken pieces for the offensive line?

OL Wisniewski could fill a Bears' need - I'm not completely sold, but I'll consider putting a bid on it.

Bears meet with former Badger Carimi - Badgers!? We don't need no stinkin' Badgers!

NFL plans to institute standardized concussion tests - That's a good move. It doesn't feel quite right to me that team sideline physicians do the very first one, either. What if they're James Woods in Any Given Sunday?