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Make sure to keep tabs on ESPNW and Grizzly Detail

In a world where sports coverage is still very much dominated by the male gender, we are seeing more and more outstanding material being turned out by the fairer sex.  A couple of our favorite ladies to follow are Maggie Hendricks (follow her on Twitter here), and die-hard Bears fan Sarah Spain.

Spain was part of the team that recently kicked off ESPNW, and they are cranking out material every day that's not to be missed.  From snowboarding to college hoops, NBA to MLB, these ladies are doing an outstanding job.  Click here for their website, and here for their Twitter feed.

Grizzly Detail is a Bears blog from NBC Chicago, and the main contributor there is Hendricks.  You can also find her cranking out articles for Yahoo Sports as well (click here).  Hendricks covers not only the Chicago Bears, but also Mixed Martial Arts.  Can't get too much cooler than that.

We love you ladies!