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ESPN reporting that NFLPA to decertify before current CBA expires

In a huge move being announced by Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, the NFL Players Association will decertify before the end of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (3/03/11), preventing the owners from locking them out for next season.

If the union decertifies, it is no longer a union, and the National Labor Relations Board loses its hold over the NFLPA. The owners are expected to claim the decertification is a sham and challenge it in the NLRB.

Historically, any time the Union has gotten their demands met, it has not come through making deals, but through being more legally savvy and forceful.  Reports in the last couple days have stated that there will be one more meeting between the two sides, but that the mediator is indicating there is still significant differences that have not been settled.

Stay tuned...