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Martz to Cutler Critics: "Let it Go."

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And the bromance continues.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz again joined the voices in defense of embattled quarterback Jay Cutler. Follow me past the jump as we look at his comments.

"Let me ask you this: When you look at the tape of those guys that got injured for Green Bay in the Super Bowl, did you look at their body language? There's no difference,'' Martz said. "They're dejected because when you get injured in a big game like that, it's devastating."

And can you blame them? Playing in their final game in 2010 (and possibly in 2011, natch,) and they're dejected because they don't get the chance to have a say in their team's final performance?

Martz said from the moment he arrived last year, he and Cutler worked extensively on mechanics. For six weeks last offseason, they worked on drops without Cutler throwing a single pass.

"He comes from kind of a gunslinger, undisciplined kind of a mode in college,'' Martz said. "And then they used him a lot out on the edge in Denver. So what we do with the time throws, it's a little new to him.

Square peg, meet round hole. Mobility, mobility... Something tells me his mobility might be something that should be made use of.

And I'll just throw this out there for some food for thought.

"He's going to be in the very elite of this league,'' Martz said. "He's on his way. He'll be fine.''