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NFL Thoughts: Chicago Bears and Beyond

That is Stephen Paea #54 of the Oregon State Beavers on the right.  He is strong like a bull.
That is Stephen Paea #54 of the Oregon State Beavers on the right. He is strong like a bull.

Just because football isn't being played, that doesn't mean football isn't front and center on Windy City Gridiron.  The NFL off season is constantly giving us football fans something to get excited about, and something for us at WCG to write about.  I hope you are checking in with us all day as we have a slew of talented writers vigorously churning out posts at an unheard of rate.  We are like a machine!  On to my thoughts!

1)  Oregon St. DT Stephen Paea set a combine record by knocking out 49 reps on the bench.  Un-freaking-believable.

2)  If I were an NFL GM, I wouldn't be concerned with the dirty play from Auburn DT Nick Fairley.  He's a defensive tackle, I kind of want him to play like an ornery S.O.B.

3)  One more if I were a GM statement...  If I need a QB, I'm taking Cam Newton.

4)  I think the Bears would be wise to do their homework on Sidney Rice.  If he indeed is allowed to remain a free agent (it depends on the labor situation), I think his skill set would be a great fit in Chicago.

5)  I think the Bears are sitting pretty and should be able to snag a quality interior lineman in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft.  And with the way the top offensive tackles performed at the combine, they should be able to get a starting quality OT at 29.

6)  Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers is just living the dream... 

7)  I hope Carson Palmer sticks to his guns and retires if he isn't traded.  The Bengals are a poorly coached and poorly run organization.  They would be wise to blow it up and rebuild.

8)  The NFL collective bargaining agreement expires Thursday night, but I'm still not ready to flip my stance on the 2011 season.  No way they don't play.

9)  Lately I see a lot of 'best of' lists floating around in regards to football movies.  Most list the same bunch of movies; Remember The Titans, Rudy, Friday Night Lights, North Dallas Forty, etc, etc...  but my question for you is what is one of your favorite football movies that isn't top ten worthy?  I love Necessary Roughness, I'll watch it whenever it's on.

10)  I'll lay 2/1 odds that the Oscars go back to a comedian for host next year.