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Chicago Bears 2011 Free Agency: Brian Iwuh

Backup linebackers for the Chicago Bears don't always get a lot of face time. When you have stalwart veterans like Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs, it can be easy to have some guys sit in the background. Brian Iwuh is not one of those guys.

Already making a name for himself on special teams, Iwuh is the type of player who can fill a solid role as a backup, and could even make it to the starting level, if necessary. He sits behind Nick Roach on the depth chart, but that could change in the blink of an eye.

Does this mean the Bears should keep him? I think it would be in their best interests. They obviously valued him heavily enough to bring him in, and he's delivered solidly. If they can get the right price, I see no reason not to.


-Knows System
-Delivers when Asked
-Seems to have good rapport with team


-Could be a little quicker
-Could be a little better in coverage

Don't like what I have to say? Here's what John 'Moon' Mullin (@CSNMoonMullin) had to say on the subject, exclusively for WCG:

Iwuh is viewed primarily as a weakside linebacker but is bigger than Pisa Tinoisamoa and could evolve into a contributor, which he already is on special teams. Injuries are a question with Tinoisamoa and Nick Roach, making Iwuh potentially an important figure on the depth charts.

Looking ahead: The Bears went after him last offseason, got production for their investment, and they would like to have him in reserve if the price is right.

This is a guy the Bears should try to keep. With the linebacker playing being so crucial in this system, depth is something that is critical to maintain.