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Sean Jensen: Jay Cutler received painkiller shot at halftime

One of the things that uninformed people chose to attack Bears QB Jay Cutler for during the NFC Championship was how he should have taken a painkiller shot to help play through the pain.  These were mostly the same people that said he didn't really have an injury, and was just coming out of the game because he didn't want to play anymore.

Sean Jensen revealed last night that Cutler did indeed get a shot during halftime in an attempt to continue playing.

Amid questions that he didn't try hard enough to play through a knee injury, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler received a painkiller shot at halftime of the NFC title game, a source close to the situation told the Sun-Times.

Jensen's source also told him that Cutler insisted on staying in the game, despite what the talking heads on television would have led us to believe.  So, a review of the criticisms of Cutler:

- He's never had a winning season since high school, so he's a loser.  But, this year he had a winning season.

- He's never won a playoff game since high school, so he's a loser.  But, then he did win a playoff game (after the first round bye).

- He quit during the NFC Championship game, because he wasn't tough.  But, it was revealed it was a team decision, and that he had a tear in his knee.

- He didn't help the backup QBs, and only sat on the sideline and pouted after coming out.  But, then his backups said he did help them out, and helped them recognize coverages.

- He sdidn't take pain-killers like he should have, and other QBs would have insisted they stay in the game.  But, Cutler did take pain-killers, and did insist on playing.

The MSM loves to shoot first and aim later regarding Cutler, and the more information that is revealed only makes them look sillier and sillier.