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Brad Biggs: Forget about Logan Mankins

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Chicago was undoubtedly one of 32 other cities clamoring for All Pro Guard Logan Mankins, but Brad Biggs is telling people to tone it down.

Mankins was one of the players caught in the middle by the rules from the uncapped year this past season that mandated players needed six years of service to become unrestricted, not four as had been the case. The rule also affected Bears safety Danieal Manning. So, the Patriots were able to keep Mankins with a qualifying offer and he was furious. Now, per Bedard, they likely will tag him at a cost of about $10 million for 2011 or use the device as leverage to finally hammer out a contract extension.

Biggs goes on to say that, even though Lovie Smith may have been making a subtle sales pitch in a December press conference for Mankins, it wasn't likely that the Bears would have pursued him to begin with.

This is not surprising to hear from Biggs, who has mentioned before that offensive guards don't win championships.

Now that it is likely that mankins will not be on the market, how does that affect your train of thought on the offseason and addressing our own OL?  

Stay tuned for Lester's roster analysis of the OTs up next.