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WCG Chicago Bears Draft Board: Defensive Tackle

A disruptive three technique tackle has been missing from this team for 3 years now. Tommie Harris had a pretty good post season, but it's always like that with Tommie towards the end of the season. I think it's about time the team go in another direction. Marcus Harrison was a guy we thought was going to be a break out player under Rod Marinelli tutelage, but has been a flat out disappointment and like Tommie most likely won't be back. This defense needs that disruptive 3 technique in the middle to make life for the edge rushers much easier. They have a pair of solid rotation players in Henry Melton and Matt Toeaina, but they can benefit playing with a dominate 3 technique

This weeks WCG Chicago Bears draft board will focus on the top 10 defensive tackles prospects this year.

1st round

#1 Nick Fairley- 2nd best prospect in this year's up-coming draft, Fairley will most likely be the number 1 pick. Highlights

#2 Marcel Dareus- 2nd best tackle prospect, Dareus can play in just any defense which is why he will be a top 5 pick. Highlights

#3 Cory Liuget- like Dareus and Fairley, Liuget can play in just about any defensive scheme, but would be an ideal fit as a 3 tech in a 4-3. Liuget is very explosive off the line of scrimmage and powerful. Put those two elements together and offensive guards in the NFC North will have some problems for years to come. Highlights

1st round - 2nd round

#4 Drake Nevis- Reminds me of a younger healthier Tommie Harris as his explosion of the line of scrimmage is simply incredible. Most mocks have him rated as a 2nd round prospect because of his size (only 287), but he's a late first in my opinion. Highlights

2nd Round

#5 Stephen Paea- Paea is a pure NT, but I like his quickness and do think he can be coached up into a 3 technique tackle. He should be there at 29, if Lovie and Co wants to develop a tackle. Highlights

#6 Marvin Austin- According to, Austin "predictably dominated the East-West shrine game". I like Austin ability and all, but you read the scouting reports and he sound like a defensive tackle we picked up 3 years ago in the 3rd round in Marcus Harrison. I would take a shot at him in the 3rd round, but he has the buyer beware tag on him. Highlights

#7 Jurrell Casey- Very effective pass rusher, Casey should be on Jerry radar in the second round. He certainly fits the mold of what you want out of you 3 technique tackle, which is pure explosion and the command of double teams. Highlights

2nd round- 3rd round

#8 Jarvis Jenkins- a 5 technique Defensive lineman, Jenkins might not be a good fit for what Lovie and Marinelli is looking for in a 3 technique tackle. I do think he can develop into an outstanding 3-4 DE. Highlights

3rd round-4th round

#9 Sione Fua- Most likely a 3-4 Nose Tackle, at the next level or at worst a 4-3 one. Highlights

#10 Lawerence Guy- Very good athleticism at 6-3 293 pounds, I like guy as a developmental player at the next level behind an establish starter. The problem is that the Bears need a guy that can contribute and contribute at that position at a high level. Highlights

Mock DT pick for the Bears Drake Nevis LSU

I know the Cory Liuget fans will be in an up roar for this. I love Liuget as a prospect, but I feel that Nevis will be the perfect fit for this defense. Liuget is a guy that can potentially turn into a dominating 3 technique tackle, but we already been down this road with a similar 3-4 DT/DE prospect Jarron Gilbert. Nevis is a little small, but he makes that up with both upper and lower body power and quickness off the line of scrimmage. I really feel this guy can be an outstanding defensive tackle in Lovie's Tampa-2 scheme. I also might be one of the few fans that think he still has a lot of room to grow. With the #29 pick, I wouldn't mind not one bit if Angelo picks him up.