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Super Bowl Sunday Pregame Open Thread

Although the Chicago Bears fell one game short from playing in this year's Super Bowl, our fanbase will undoubtedly be holding our heads a little higher today, celebrating the long overdue induction of Richard Dent into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  We linked to a story yesterday where John 'Moon' Mullin thought this would be Dent's year, and as usual, he was right.  Congratulations Mr. Dent!

We've run a couple Polls in the last week regarding who you think will win this year's Big Game, and not surprisingly, the Steelers are overwhelming favorites on this website.  My final predictions-

Aaron Rodgers will throw around 40 times, and will complete 65-70% of his passes.  James Starks will be held to less than 50 yards on the ground.  The Steelers will be a run-heavy team today, and Rashard Mendenhall will have a career day, raking up over 120 total yards and a couple scores.  Like Lester, I think Mendenhall will be the game's MVP.

I expect a lopsided Time of Possession, with the Steelers having at least a 10 minute advantage in that category.

Final score prediction: 

Steelers- 23

Packers- 13

Feel free to hang out here today and discuss the festivities, drop in your predictions, and talk about how smelly Packers fans are.  We'll have the Game Thread up right before kickoff.

Oh, and one final note: Let's keep the 'rape' comments off this board.  WCG members are, generally speaking, better than that, so let's not stoop to lower levels like other websites have.  Thanks.