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The Bears Den: February 9, 2011

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...where we won't let the offseason drag us down!

None of the mayoral candidates would change the name of Soldier Field.

Brad Biggs continues his positional analysis series with the TEs.

Biggs also reports the Bears have signed a punter that could replace Maynard.

USA Today's most recent Team Report on the Chicago Bears.

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John Clayton has his top-5 most likely teams to win next year's Super Bowl.

From the Department of Swift Justice: Williams Wall could now be suspended.

Want to see a video of the Packers celebrating yesterday with their fans?

Michael C. Wright looks at the money tied up in Bears salaries for next season.

College sophomore QB has undoubtedly gotten some attention recently.

Sally Jenkins has an excellent piece on the decadence of NFL owners.


One day, I thought "I wonder what Nina Simone would sound like singing a Radiohead song."  A couple days later, I found one she had recorded.  Enjoy.