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QBs and dropped interceptions: Mark Sanchez leads the pack

One of the most trusted names in statistical analysis on the internet is Football Outsiders, and we have constantly referenced their work here on WCG.  We even had the privilege of interviewing Doug Farrar a while back... make sure to check that out if you haven't yet. 

One of the latest data projects they've done is "dropped INTs", something that people have constantly tried to pin on Jay Cutler as an issue.  He would statistically be much worse, if only for those dropped INTs.

We're still waiting on the final tally from FO, but here's what Aaron Schatz tweeted earlier:

Just ran updated "dropped interception" numbers. Mark Sanchez has 15. No other quarterback was above EIGHT (!)

Until we get the final numbers, here are the numbers through week 14 of the season.  Cutler would have registered the 9th-most INTs, had every dropped INT in the league actually been caught.  Cutler actually ended the regular season with the 8th-most INTs.  In other words, unless something radical happened statistically in the last couple weeks of the season, the critics need to scratch another item off their Cutler-bashing list... because dropped INTs wouldn't have made him any worse in the league than anyone else.