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Bears To Sign P Richmond McGee to Futures Contract

It's slim pickings for news right now, but the Bears made a tiny ripple in their pond today, as Brad Biggs writes that they will be agreeing to a future contract with P Richmond McGee.

This doesn't necessarily rule out the return of Brad Maynard, as McGee has a little bit of history with the Bears.

The 27-year-old Texas product has been a camp leg for the past two years and got extensive work last offseason when Maynard was working his way back from arthroscopic hip surgery. McGee spent a week on the practice squad in 2010 and had a week on the 53-man roster at the end of 2009.

McGee is familiar with the team, the system, and the coaching staff, so it'd make sense to bring him in. It could be the end of the road for fan-favorite Brad Maynard, but we'll see. Perhaps it's just an insurance policy, or something to spur Brad to even greater heights.

But the Bears keep bringing McGee back because they believe he has a future. They'd move on to another free agent if they didn't see potential in him. As was reported here on Dec. 28, the Bears brought in four punters for a tryout during Week 17. They looked at A.J. Trapasso, Brent Bowden, T.J. Conley and Australian Dan Power. Clearly, they believe McGee is the best option right now.

So what say you, Bear Nation?