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WCG Chicago Bears Draft Board: Wide Receiver

During these past weeks, I have been paying much more attention to the Bears more glaring needs OL, DT, and CB that I have almost forgotten about WR. It is highly possible that the Bears select WR in one of the first 3 rounds. I can see a scenario where the top 5 OT's, along with the top 2 interior lineman Stefen Wisniewski and Mike Pouncey are gone by pick #29 that they go best player available and that will most likely be a wide receiver. Larry Mayer and Dan Pompei a couple weeks ago have came out and say how the receiver position is more of a want and not a need. Sorry not buying that not one second especially with that NFC Championship game still fresh in my mind.

So with that in mind, this weeks WCG Chicago Bears draft board will be an updated version of the wide receiver prospects.

1st round

#1 A.J Green Georgia- Even though he got out performed by Julio Jones at the combine, Green is still the best receiver in this class. Highlights

#2 Julio Jones Alabama- He didn't surpass Green as the top receiver in the draft, but most certainly narrowed the gap. Jones is a top 10 prospect with the potential to be the best receiver in this class when we look back 5 years from now. Highlights

#3 Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburg (Previously ranking 4) - Had a very good combine and has crawl back into the top 3. If the Bears are looking for that big #1 receiver in the draft to go along with the already decent complements in place, Baldwin is your guy. Highlights

#4 Torrey Smith Maryland (Previously ranking 3) - Smith has some small hands, but he's still a first round prospect based off his performance at the combine. Highlights

2nd round

#5 Leonard Hankerson Miami- Hankerson is one of the few receivers in this draft that I feel can significantly contribute right away for a team. The knock on him is he's a Braylon Edwards type where he will make a spectacular catch, but the not play drop a routine one. Highlights

#6 Titus Young Boise State (Previously ranking 10) - Young might not have Desean Jackson type speed, but he's still can blow the top of most secondaries. He also has a very nice pair of hands to where he rarely body catches. Highlights

#7 Jerrel Jernigan Troy- Jernigan is a tremendous athlete. Shifty wide receiver who can turn on the jets and run through your whole secondary. Highlights

#8 Randle Cobb Kentucky- Cobb and Jernigan are both multi purpose receivers, but Cobb might be the most polish. Highlights

3rd round

#9 Edmond Gates Abilene Christian- Gates is probably the most underrated receiver in the draft. 6-0 192 pounds, Gates plays like a big receiver and has really impressive speed. Highlights

#10 Tandon Doss Indiana- Doss played in a pass heavy offense in Indiana, so he's use to playing in spread offenses like Mike Martz's. Highlights

#11 Austin Pettis Boise State- Pettis might have the best pair of hands in the draft. Boise State must really put a big emphasis on being pure pass catcher. Pettis would be a solid pick in the 3rd if the Bears wanted to go receiver in that round. Highlights

3rd round to 4th round

#12 Terrence Tolliver LSU- Tolliver is a really interesting prospect because when you watch games and highlights of him he flashes 2nd round talent. You have to wonder if Tolliver had consistent QB play at LSU, where his stock would be.  Highlights

#13 Dwayne Harris East Carolina- When the ball is in his hand he's one of the more dynamic weapons in the draft. He would be an ideal fit in schemes like Martz's or the Patriots scheme as a slot receiver. Highlights

4th round to 5th round

#14 Ronald Johnson USC- Johnson would be a solid pick this late in the draft if a team is looking for a compliment receiver to pair with solid #1 and #2. Highlights

#15 Greg Little North Carolina- Character concerns drops Little all the way down to a 4th to 6th round prospect. Talent alone Little is maybe top 5 at his position. Little is great after the catch, too strong to get easily jammed at the line of scrimmage, and fights for the ball at its highest point. If he is still available this late in the draft, the Bears would have to give him strong consideration. Highlights

Mock WR Pick for the Bears Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburg

I am basing this pick off if the top offensive lineman is off the board and DT Cory Liuget is gone when our pick comes up. This is clearly a best player available pick for the Bears, and for the "Jay Cutler needs a big receiver club" you get your wish in the 6-4 Baldwin. Baldwin still needs some improvement in the route running department like most of the receivers in this draft, but he gives you that different type of element from the receiver position compared to the others on the depth chart. The size and ability to catch the ball at it's highest point should help in a division that hosts shutdown corners in Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson.