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Chicago Sports Thoughts: Bears and beyond...

Hello my name is Derrick Rose, and yes my picture is rocking Windy City Gridiron.
Hello my name is Derrick Rose, and yes my picture is rocking Windy City Gridiron.

While I still don't think the NFL will cancel any part of the 2011 season, the news of no agreement and decertification a few days ago was like a kick to the nads for football fans.  This morning on ESPN radio Adam Shefter broke it down; he said the ruling from the Judge may take up to a month, and if he/she rules the owners can't lock the players out, they'll be able to get back to work and the '11 season will play under the rules that the '10 season did.  I'm just glad there are other sports to grab my attention.

1)  What a great weekend for Bulls fans, a couple more wins and a remembrance of the 1st ever Bulls championship team.  Michael Jordan could have just been playing it up for the Chicago faithful, but his remark about this current Bulls team winning multiple championships was still pretty cool.

2)  The way Derrick Rose was hitting three pointers in the 1st half of their Jazz game on Saturday night, I was waiting for a quizzical shrug ala MJ, from the soon to be MVP.

3)  What a professional veteran Bulls back up big man Kurt Thomas is, to simply do his job when called upon and not to make a peep when collecting DNP - Coach's decisions.  Successful teams in all sports needs guys like Big Sexy...  but about that nickname... 

4)  The Cubs beat the White Sox last week in a meaningless spring training game, but the way some people were carrying on you'd think it was a World Series game 7.  Cubs vs. Sox is as intense a rivalry as there is in Major League Baseball.

5)  I'm putting the over/under of wins for Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano at 15.  I know he had some unstable moments last year, but I think he'll be focused just enough to come close to a career high for wins.

6)  Last week I gave my predictions for new Cub 1st baseman Carlos Pena, this week I'll predict some stats for new White Sox DH Adam Dunn.  He'll hit 40+ HRs, knock in 100 RBI, and come close to a .400 on base %.  As someone that isn't a White Sox fan, I did not like this signing.

7)  The Blackhawks go from being one of the hottest teams in the NHL, to being losers of 3 straight.  I think once they qualify for the postseason they'll be a tough out.

8)  But, getting defenseman Brian Campbell back from his lower leg injury (gotta love the secretive NHL) is a must for their playoff push.

9)  Another NCAA Tournament field selected and another trip to the NIT for the men of Northwestern basketball.

10)  If the NFL ends up operating under last seasons CBA rules, then the Bears Nick Roach, Corey Graham, and Danieal Manning all go back to being restricted free agents.  I'd like for all three to return to Chicago.