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The Bears Den: March 14, 2011

...where six bucks and my right nut says we're not landing in Chicago.

No Spare Bears looming on horizon View From the Moon: How the Bears did not become a dynasty.

Chicago Bears president Ted Phillips weighs in NFL lockout, NFLPA decertification - ESPN Chicagoo Focus is on not screwing up draft.

Hillenmeyer: Inside the NFL Lockout | NBC Chicago Hunter is a smart guy. He will call you out. Good read if you missed it.

Follow WCG on Twitter. One of the leading leaders.

NFL labor talks now a game of chicken - Chicago Sun-Times Insight from our pal, Sean Jensen.

NFL labor: Union chief's ego gets in the way as he overplays the players' hand - David Haugh has doubts. " Blog Archive " Lockout Letter from NFL to NFLPA Run wild. Don't get hurt.

NFL labor: Next season would be played without salary cap if lockout is lifted - The Washington Postt Run wild. Don't get hurt.

In N.F.L. Lockout, Loopholes Replace Regulations - As long as the N.F.L. lockout continues, no signings, trades, practices,  or games will take place. But the ripple effects from this work stoppage are potentially more unsettling.

Decertification Part II: So what now? | National Football Postt Foot, meet banana peel. - Decertification, Lockout FAQs Just the FAQs.

NFL wants Congress out of labor dispute, except when it helps the NFL | ProFootballTalk Your tax dollars at work. Maybe.

Making sense of the financial divide | PFT More Florio.  Team "haggling beards" coming soon to NFL Pro Shops.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post Dan Pompeii What makes Jim Harbaugh special, retirement comebacks, a mock draft and more. news: 2011 pro days schedule and analysis Excitement! Not really. news: Defense rules early in a look at the first two rounds Pat Kirwan totally unfamiliar with Chicago Bears.

Vikings' Chris Cook arrested after brandishing gun in fight | National Football Post Woohoo! Spring Break! :(

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