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Some numbers from Pro Football Focus

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Many of us here at WCG like to go all statty on occasion, and one of the best sources for the numbers is Pro Football Focus.  We've consistently featured their work, and will now take a peek into a few of their current rankings, specifically, pass rushing and fantasy football rankings.

First up, they recently released a Pass Rushing Productivity article.  When Bears fans think of pass rushers, we think of one of the best in the game, Julius Peppers.  Click here to find out what PFF thinks.

Also, and not to step on Brenden's toes, PFF has released their FF rankings for 2011; click on the links and tell us what you think about where our Bears are ranked in their specific categories.


Running Backs.

Wide Receivers.

Tight Ends.

Based on what these folks think, did Julius Peppers get the recognition he deserved?  Will any of our Bears offensive specialists be surprises in 2011?