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Mock Drafts Laugh in the Face of the Lockout

Football season or no football season, mock drafts will keep coming out until the day football is never played again.

Before you ignore another mock draft, John Mullin, wants to ensure you aren't discounting them.

The Shutdown Corner

29. Chicago Bears -- Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

Getting all the way to the NFC Championship game despite quite possibly the worst offensive line in the league put the Bears in an interesting position — how to best solve their most obvious problem after most of the best guys are gone? Answer: Take a shot on an athletic project who's perhaps a season or two away from elite NFL potential. That's Solder, the former tight end who displayed great athleticism at the combine, but whose game tape reveals some fundamental flaws. It's possible that line coach Mike Tice could coach Solder into the left tackle that Chris Williams couldn't be.

National Football Post

29. Chicago Bears: Mike Pouncey, OL, Florida
I think the Bears would like to add a tackle here, but with a value like Pouncey still on the board — who can come in and fill a number of holes inside early in his NFL career — he might be too good to pass up.

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