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The Bears Den: March 17, 2011

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...where work is the curse of the drinking class.

Illegal hits drawing scrutiny from NFL Replays, kickoffs under review. Bears return teams to get screwed.


NFL Video: State of the Franchise: Bears That would be Illinois. Duh.

Follow WCG on Twitter. It's like sliding down the banister of life. May the splinters point in the right direction.

Matt Forte is a top-10 running back - NFC North Blog - ESPN Pay this guy.

Trouble-prone NFL players are on their own: Rick Morrisey Players free to do stupid things.

Michael Strahan says owners have key advantage in NFL lockout - Chicago Sun-Times Gets tips from Corey Wootton on how to actually sack Brett Favre.

Grizzly Detail: Wake up. Maggie, I think. She has something to say to you. See what I did there?

Chicago's Patrick McCaskey: No one a hero until we get a resolution - JSOnline "Packers doing well for an expansion team."

Team Needs: Chicago Bears: Brian Billick's Blog Looks for Team to take an OL. Or two. And a DT, CB, and a DE.

DirecTV May Lose Sales of More Than $600 Million in NFL-Players Dispute - Bloomberg Like that's going to happen.

Welcome to Courtroom Football, part two | National Football Post Andrew Brandt discusses the lockout, power point presentations and Draft dodging. Moves seat away from window.

NFL draft is full of high-impact players with low-level names - We call them "value" picks.

Kevin Turner's rugged road - AFC East Blog - ESPN Sobering read about former player with ALS.