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Fantasy Football Q&A (7:00 pm EST)

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, its time to change things up. We have run the full gambit of Fantasy Football 101 and started to hit alternate topics (like Tuesday's Pre-Draft Fantasy Watch) but before we go any further, I want to hear from you. We all know that the regular season is far away (and in doubt) so its hard to think about fantasy football yet, but I'd like to open the floor to questions and comments to help refine future articles and really get into the things that interest the WCG followers. After the jump you will find some sample topics we can discuss for this Q&A, but feel free to go well beyond the provided material and hit me with your most nagging fantasy questions.

I will be on from 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) to 8:00 EST to answer questions, though I will check in before that to hit any questions left from now until then.

Sample Topics:

Do you have any questions about how to set up a league? I'd be glad to help.

  • Where can I get what I need out of a provider?
  • How many teams to use?
  • How to write a League Charter?
  • What scoring system is really going to be best?
  • Should I mess with the standardized rosters?
  • How can we implement league changes fairly?
  • Is it a good idea to make league changes after the first year?
  • What kind of draft would be best for my league?
  • Who should have veto power over trades?

This is a good place for follow up questions about any soon-to-be drafted players I missed in Tuesday's article, to get my opinions on the future value of existing veteran's, or to find out when and how to get your "homer" Bears picks in without compromising your team's ability to compete.

In addition, if any of the 101 article didn't cover something, or you needed additional information, this is the time and place to hit me up for it. Whether its IDP and PPR Leagues (or both at once), whether or not to use punters, or something in the scoring system, roster setup, league setup, or draft setup, I'd be glad to help.

Things still to come: A Year in Review: 2010 (5 part series), Post-Draft Fantasy Update, Fantasy Football Team Reports (8 part series, by division)