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If There's No Football on Sunday's, What's a Bear fan to do?

35 hours and counting as of the time of this post.  I know that even if the CBA expires, the sides can still work something out anytime between now and, well, anytime into the foreseeable season.  But things are looking grim around the edges.  The two sides remain very far apart on most of the issues and there is not much sign of any resolution being reached anytime soon.  

So what will you do on Sundays if September rolls on by and there is still no football?  We'll be able to talk draft for the next 50+ days or so, then we'll all analyze those picks as we hope for minicamps.  With no free agency looming we won't have that to discuss and when June rolls around we should all be near tears as we hold our collective breaths for hope of a training camp.  Things could get ugly indeed.  But what if the unthinkable happens and we have a Sunday in the fall with no professional football?  I have some suggestions and I'd like to hear any of yours, so join me after the jump.

Top Ten Ways to Spend Your Sundays if There is No Football-

10.  Watch the NFL Network.  If there’s no football, these guys will be desperate for a story, any story.  They may actually start reaching to a ridiculous level so be ready for the top ten punters in NFL history or a replay of the 2010 preseason.  Things should get goofy for the network whose profits are derived from the sport that may not exist.


9.  Learn to appreciate professional bowling.  It’s what ESPN shows when we’re all glued to the networks for our weekly fix.  Something about picking up a 7/10 split that can grab the attention of any sports fan.


8.  Get involved in your local church.  You haven’t attended a Sunday service during the season in how many years?  Now may be your last chance.  Just remember it’s "hallowed be thy name"  not "Halas be thy name".  It can be an adjustment.


7.  Take up hunting.  What better way to take out your "lack of football" frustrations than to kill ya some critters.  Let’s face it, that deer had it coming.  He looked a bit like a Viking with those horns on his helmet, I mean head.


6.  Develop a hobby.  Have you ever watched any home improvement or food network shows on Sunday?  Of course not.  But here is your chance.  Learn how to install your own crown molding (do we really want molding in our house?) or how to make the perfect homemade pasta puttanesca.  You could be the next "master of the tailgate" or host a really good Super Bowl party in your new decked out man cave should you ever have the chance.


5.  Play Madden until your thumbs become giant calluses.  Live the season that was never to be. Watch as the Bears go undefeated AND set every major NFL statistic.  You’ll have the time.  Then use some "udder creme" and some pumice stone before your significant other is afraid to let you touch them with those "hideous things" you call your fingers.  


4.  Watch the entire '85 season all over again. It’s out there.  And if it’s not, you can find it.  Each Sunday you can take yourself back to the eighties and live it all over again one week at a time.  Just grow a mullet or some really big hair, grab a Payton jersey, have "Thriller" playing in the background as you work on your "moonwalk" and enjoy.  


3.  Spend your Sundays rehearsing your own, self-directed, version of "Brian's Song" with your local Bears fan buddies.  What better way to give back to your community than to give this "gift" to your fellow man.  Then present it at a local theater in February in lieu of the Super Bowl.  I'm getting a little teared up just picturing it.  


2.  Spend Sundays with your families.  If you’re like me your family doesn’t know you exist in the fall from 11 AM Sunday morning until sometime around 10 PM Sunday night.  Go throw the pigskin with the kids/grandkids.  Grill on the deck.  Take this time to do all the things you knew you should have been doing when you had NFL football to distract you.  You’ll be a better person for it.


1.  Or better yet, get on WCG and vent, complain, whine, moan, gripe and commiserate with me and every other Bear fan who will find themselves unable to do anything else.  Regardless, I’ll still be here in September for the In-Game/Lack of an In Game Thread.  Heaven help us all.