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The Bears Den: March 2, 2011

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...where someone got an Officially Licensed Bears bowling shirt and you did not.

Chicago Bears: Tommie Harris was the rare pro athlete always good for a smile. So long, big guy.

End of line for Harris, Hillenmeyer, Shaffer. "I grew up". Neil Hayes On the Bears.

NBC Chicago: Tommie Harris on the phone. "...continue wearing cleats somewhere..."

Follow WCG on Twitter. It's like training in Bears Kung Fu.

DT even more of a need. View From the Moon. "Sometimes you have to move out of the house".

Bears preparing for free agency period. Jerry hasn't "seen the bait yet".

RosenBlog: Martz's comments indict himself. "Your shovel is about to work overtime".

What if Dave Duerson didn’t suffer from head trauma? Rick Morrissey, ladies and gentlemen.

The Wrath of Doty Persists: Andrew Brandt. | NFL Downplays impact: Aaron Wilson NFP double header.

Lockout Insurance Case Decision in PDF. The "good" stuff starts on page 6. You're welcome.

Maggie Hendricks: Clock is ticking to avoid lockout. Imma' fight 'til we see the sunlight.

Scouting Combine: Tuesday's Winners and Losers. Straight-line fast!

Ranking the Free Agents: Offensive Interior Linemen | See anyone you like?

Lockout '11: Business as usual for Packers. Rituals likely to include a sacrificial goat.

NFL Safeties Bring the Pain Now, Pay for It Later The NFL's most dangerous position.

2011 Keeper Rankings: Part 1  Part 2 Be sure to follow Brenden's most excellent Fantasy Football 101.

Naked man questions Jay Cutler's toughness. He obviously doesn't follow WCG on Twitter.

Rovell: Autograph King Signs Newton, Ingram and Fairley. Tim Tebow autograph: $160. Really.

Profiles of 32 NFL's team owners. First of a three-part series.

Andy's Anagram Solver. Cool!

Pepper Rabbit: