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Mocking the Mocks: Wes Bunting at NFP gives his thoughts

We typically like National Football Post, and Wes Bunting consistently turns out good material.  Today, though, I'm wondering what in the world he was thinking with his post-Combine Mock Draft.  Don't get me wrong... I like his pick for the Bears at #29: OT Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin... but the general lack of offensive linemen in the top half of his mock confuses me.

First off, seeing QB Cam Newton's name at the top of the list doesn't surprise me one bit.  The Panthers have to address that situation immediately, and Newton is probably the best QB in this year's Draft.  

But Bunting does not have an offensive lineman coming off the board at all until the Giants at #19 (OT Castonzo).  The defensive line positions are deep this year, but having eight of those picks before any of the offensive linemen confuses me.  However, Bunting is a sharp guy, and if the top three or four OL prospects are within a handful of picks of the Bears at #29, one has to wonder if Angelo would break form and trade up to grab one of those guys.

Imagine Mike Tice being able to work with a guy like Tyron Smith or Nate Solder.  That would upgrade our OL exponentially.  It might be a far-fetched idea to see Bunting's mock come to fruition, and even more far-fetched to see Angelo make a move, but stranger things have happened...