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Briggs: Eighteen Games and Other Subjects

Bears linebacker Lance Briggs made some comments to Fred Mitchell and David Kaplan of the Chicago Tribune on Friday. Follow us below the jump for his remarks on the eighteen game schedule, Tommie Harris' departure, and his outlook on the 2011 season.

On backtracking from his comments favoring the eighteen game schedule:

I guess when I spoke before, I always assumed that was the way things were going to be. But if we don't have to play 18 games, a lot of people would be happier about that, just for the fact of health reasons."

On the release of Tommie Harris:

"It was tough to see Alex (Brown) go last year, and now it is tough to see that Tommie is not going to be there in the locker room and sharing laughs. I have been in Chicago ever since Tommie was drafted, and we developed a relationship on and off the field. That's how football players grow, being able to trust that man next to you to do his job."

On the lockout:

"A lot of people suffer by the owners locking out the players. I think it is one of the worst things that can happen, especially at this time when everything is going on. It's a special game and I think that this is something that can be worked out and will be worked out."