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The Bears Den: March 21, 2011

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...where it's all uphill from here.


Chicago Bears: Lovie Smith in good hands — his son's - As an agent, Matthew Smith negotiated his father's new contract with the Chicago Bears. As a child, face-wrestled an Akita after near drowning.

Mullin: Mock drafts differ on Bears selection Six mocks. Six different players. Cullen Jenkins.

Chicago Bears: Bears President Ted Phillips discusses labor situation, other topics - Optimistic there will be a deal between the owners and players before September. Does not clarify year.

Follow WCG on Twitter. You, Smith, what are you, a girl or something?

Bears president on Jay Cutler: "The whole organization is behind him 100 percent" - Inside the Bears "Jay's our quarterback". He said that.

Bears Considering a Quarterback in Draft | NBC Chicago: Maggie Hendricks Because, you know, QB's love Chicago.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post Dan Pompei talks Patriots draft strategy, things he didn't used to know, other stuff.

Bears Q & A: Are they really drafting a defensive player? - Chicago Sun-Times Bears writer Neil Hayes answers these questions. Neil knows that answers only invite more questions. Will do this again.

NFL lockout: Sides are far apart, and a settlement seems like a Hail Mary pass - Players or owners could get cold feet and agree to compromise, however, before football is interrupted.

NFL draft rumors | National Football Post Wes Bunting with his latest buzz.

Arizona St. wrestler wins NCAA title - One-legged man wins ass-kicking contest. Really.

Peanuts Comic Strip Some things you just can't make up.

"I'm Gumby, dammit"!


Kicking ass in 2 minutes or less.