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Interesting tidbits from former Bears LB Mike Singletary

Recently, former Bears linebacker, and current Vikings LB/ Assistant Head Coach, Mike Singletary gave a candid interview with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

When many people remember Mike Singletary the player, they immediately think of those intimidating eyes. Bears fans know the look; a look that haunted QBs and other offensive players that had to look at him across the line of scrimmage. Singletary though has another explanation of his "look", something that had nothing to do with intimidation.

All I was trying to do is be able to see everything. For me, if you are staring at one thing, you can't see everything. It was really trying to dilate my eyes and the wider I could get, the better it was going to be. And the longer I played, the wider my eyes got because I continued to work on my vision. And that's all I was trying to do: see from sideline to sideline.

Talk about unintended intimidation. Also, this amusing story:

Worst thing I ever did as a kid? One day, my mom and I were driving down the road. I was a pretty good shot with a slingshot. We stopped at a red light and there was a store that had a sign written in glass letters. I was shooting and I wanted to hit one of those letters. I hit it and cracked it. The guy came out of the store. My mom didn't know what was going on. She just thought, "Stop shooting that sling shot." The guy came out and said, "What kind of kid are you raising here? What's going on?" Made us pay for it. But he never fixed it. It stayed like that for a very long time. I probably was 8 or 9 years old. That was totally embarrassing.

Make sure to click the link for the full interview... lots of good tidbits that you may have never heard before.