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Mocking the Mocks: Who they think the Bears will take

This time out the Mock Drafter that we'll break down is Greg Cox.  Cox is a senior writer for The Football and his most recent mock, as of March 18th, is up at Walter  He mocks out a full 4 rounds, and unlike some mock drafters, he seems to have an idea of the direction the Bears may go.

In the first round he has Chicago selecting big 6'8" offensive tackle Nate Solder form Colorado.  He's not my favorite of the 1st round prospective tackles, but with this mock falling like it is, it's the right choice at 29.  Here's what he had to say about Solder:

Offensive line coach Mike Tice did a David Copperfield job with his players and helped the Bears almost reach the Super Bowl. It would be unfair not to get him something to work with.

I am coming back to Nate Solder here because while he is a project, I feel Mike Tice can speed up his development.

I agree with his statement that Solder is a project.  Even though he isn't my favorite OT prospect, I think he has the highest ceiling of all the o-line prospects on the board.  Unfortunately I also think he has the lowest floor.  The freakishly athletic converted tight end has to add some bulk, add some strength, and has to get better at dropping his pad level against the smaller quicker edge rushers.  Working with a good o-line coach like Mike Tice is exactly what he needs.

In the 2nd round he has the Bears taking North Carolina DT Marvin Austin.  Another spot on pick considering how his mock falls.  Here's what he said in regards to the selection:

Tommie Harris was a class act after being set free by the organization, taking out an advertisement in the Chicago Tribune (it's a newspaper kids, remember those?) to thank the city for their support. It was a classy move, and as a teammate he will be missed.

However, he was benched for a reason. The Bears need a better option on the interior of their defensive line. Marvin Austin has ability, and I think it will come out if he is drafted by a defense with some talent.

But wait, he has a checkered past and he missed all of last season after being ruled ineligible.  And I don't care.  He selfishly took gifts from an agent, but he paid the price for his crime.  Had he played he very well, he could have been a lock for a 1st round contract.  He's a strong and quick 3 technique prospect that would step in from day 1 and compete for a starting job.  Here's some highlights.

With their 3rd round pick, Cox thinks the Bears will address defensive back by selecting New Mexico State CB Davon House.  The 6'1" 200 pound physical player made a name with his man to man coverage, but many scouts think he'll be a great fit for a zone team.  Here's what Cox had to say:

The Bears have to deal with Aaron Rodgers at least twice per season, so help in the secondary is justifiable.

Very astute.  House has a rep for having a mean streak on the field and I've seen him with as high as a 2nd round grade.  If he's there in the 3rd, he's a Jerry Angelo type pick.

In the 4th round Cox has Chicago going back to the o-line by taking DeMarcus Love.  Love played left tackle last season at Arkansas, but he'll not see that side in the NFL.  He could play right tackle, but his best position may be guard.  And he does have experience at guard in college.  Love is a 4 year starter that would provide solid depth at possibly RT and G, and is a guy that would bring a nasty aggressiveness to the Bears.

With free agency on hold, the Bears may need to fill needs with their draft picks, and this mock by Greg Cox does just that.  He picks players that makes sense scheme-wise for the Bears and he doesn't reach for any of them.