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The Bears Den: March 22, 2011

...where a flute without holes is not a flute.

When will compensatory picks be announced? Larry Mayer (may not) take on the tough questions.

Chicago Bears: Michael McCaskey attending his final NFL owners meetings - Most proud of the team's Super Bowl victory, Halas Hall and Soldier Field. Also proud of his photography. Meh.

Follow WCG on Twitter.So you'll have that goin' for you, which is nice.

NFL asks judge to keep lockout intact The NFL has asked a federal judge to keep its lockout in place, saying there are no legal grounds to stop it and accusing the players of trying to manipulate the law.

RosenBlog: Just when I start agreeing with Ted Phillips, he starts talking Lovie Smith Lovie Smith got a two-year contract extension that the Bears didn’t have to give him.

Don't Vote for Pep | NBC Chicago Grizzly Detail: Maggie Hendricks Why we don't want you to vote for Peppers to be on the cover of Madden '12.

Hampton slated to attend Bears Expo Hall of Famer Dan Hampton is among six members of the famed 1985 Bears who are scheduled to attend the 2011 Bears Expo on Saturday, April 30 at Soldier Field.

Breached trust but still hope | National Football Post Andrew Brandt breaks it down on a whole...'nother...level.

Teams may trade future draft picks "at [their] own risk" | ProFootballTalk Until the lockout is resolved, players can't be traded.  Draft picks can be traded. Future draft picks, beyond 2011, also can be traded.

NFL players got 53 percent of incremental increase Sides agree that numbers should be adjusted, disagree on direction.

NFL prospect tier rankings | National Football Post The distinguished Wes Bunting distinguishes the top prospects.

Bears' Brian Urlacher throws out ceremonial pitch.

Good stuff right here: