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Reports: Kickoff moved to 35 yard line for 2011

We've all heard the differing thoughts and opinions of the proposed rule change for kickoffs to move up to the 35 yard line from the previous spot of the 30, and now reports are surfacing that the rule proposal has passed.

Touchbacks will remain the same (20 yard line), and we wonder what will happen with the penalty for kicking out of bounds.  Will they move that up 5 yards too?

Dave Toub and his crew aren't going to be happy about the rule change, but I do trust him to be able to continue his success with Hester, Manning, and Knox.  Your thoughts?

Here's what kicker Robbie Gould has to say:

“For one thing, it’ll help more older kickers keep their jobs longer,” Robbie observed. “The kick that was going to the goal line is now going five yards deep. And I think the wedge rules are great ideas as far as keeping guys healthier.”