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Tuesday Bears Trivia - ♫♪♫ Anything Packers Do, Bears Can Do Better ♫♪♫


Welcome to Tuesday Bears Trivia! Let me start off the post by amending the rules a bit. Follow me to the clearing at the end of the jump! Oh, and we'll have a new trivia question, too! See you there!

Quick rules recap and amendments:

A trivia question will be posted at the end of every Tuesday Bears Trivia post.

The first person to correctly answer will earn the right to pick the topic for my Monday Post.

You are only eligible to win once in any four week period. So if you have won, you must wait four weeks to win again. If you are within that time-frame, please refrain from posting an answer so as not to ruin it for the rest.

Submit your answer in the comment thread as the "SUBJECT" of your comment and your requested topic in the "MESSAGE" body. Answers not formatted this way or including both the correct answer AND the topic request will be disqualified from winning. I understand that this may seem a little nit-picky, but this is done for the winner, not for me. It ensures that the winner won't miss that he or she won and lose out on the opportunity to see his or her topic discussed.

Remember to keep your topic within the confines of the standards that you have come to expect from Windy City Gridiron. Translation: keep it reasonably tasteful, legal, and within the general realm of sports and the associated pleasures.

Participants may make one attempt per day at submitting the correct answer. Once a answer is submitted, participants must wait until the next calender day (defined by Eastern Time) to submit another attempt.

And finally, if no winner has been had by Friday 6:00 pm Eastern, then I will post the correct answer and the Monday Post will be all mine to use to discuss crocheting Bears underpants or something to that effect. Now on to today's trivia......

♫♪♫ Anything Packers Do, Bears Can Do Better ♫♪♫

December 12th 1965: The Green Bay Packers topped the Baltimore Colts 42-27 and took the lead in the NFL West on the back of Hall of Fame running back Paul Hornung, who rushed for 61 yards and 3 TDs and added 115 yards and 2 TDs in receptions. But this was not the best individual performance of the week.

What was? Name the player and the accomplishment.

Remember, post the answer in the subject line and your topic request in the message body. Answer away, folks!