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Poised for prime-time? Lions coach Jim Schwartz thinks so

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Bears fans will have mixed emotions when thinking about prime-time football games in the last couple seasons, but Lions fans have endured years since they've seen the night lights. According to this article, they haven't played in a prime-time game since 2005, and haven't been on Monday Night Football since 2001.

Head Coach Jim Schwartz recently gave his thoughts on getting back to prime-time, and while he had the diplomatic approach to the subject (we don't care when we play, we just want to win games), he did have a few other thoughts as well.

"We sold out seven of our eight (home games last year). The way we finished, some of the players we have-- we got one guy they named a rule after; we got one guy that was the first defensive tackle since they didn't have facemasks to be all-pro (as a rookie)."

"If we play Monday, I'll say we're jacked as hell."

Granted, the arrow is definitely pointing up for the Lions, but considering their history as a franchise, should they be looking forward to potentially playing in prime-time just yet?

Can you imagine the Bears, fresh off a trip to the NFC Championship Game, getting embarrassed by the Lions on national television in a prime-time game? Oh, boy.