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A look at some Bears 2011 Mock Drafts- From May of 2010

It's always fun to look back at "Way too early mocks", especially when they are mocks for two Drafts in the future.  Before the 2010 NFL season, we pulled some mock drafts from around the interwebs, and today, let's see how they are holding up.  Please note that not all of the previos URLs work, but I've pulled the picks that were made, and included them below.

Walter Football: 11- Julio Jones, WR, Alabama (6'4", 218)

Sports Illustrated: 14- Anthony Costanzo, OT, Boston College (6'6, 260)

Fox Sports: 18- Terrance Toliver, WR, LSU (6'5, 206)

NEPatriots Draft: 8- Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame (6'3", 220)

NFL Draft Dog: 11- Chris Owusu, WR, Stanford (6'2", 201)

New NFL Draft: 12- Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin (6'7", 325)


Again, all of these picks were made before the 2010 season was even played, so that makes it even more impressive when you see some of the same names pop up in up-to-date mocks.

Make sure you check out the comments section from that WCG post for some gems...