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D.J. Moore ranked 6th-best blitzing DB in league by PFF

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When you think top-10 lists that Chicago Bears players qualify for, defensive back isn't the first position that comes to mind.  But, we love it when our friends at Pro Football Focus find some diamonds in the rough when it comes to our favorite football club, and in their article on 2010's Best Blitzing Defensive Backs, they did just that.

Cornerback D.J. Moore was drafted in the 4th round (119th overall) in the 2009 NFL Draft.  While his size (5'9", 182) was undoubtedly cause for concern, Moore was known in college to play like a much bigger DB.  He got limited reps in his rookie season, but was on the field quite a bit this past year.

And that's where PFF comes in.  They looked at ever blitz by every DB in the league this past season, and counted the number of QB Disruptions that a blitz resulted in.  D.J. Moore blitzed a total of 48 times, and registered 12 disruptions, or a 25% success rate.  That was 6th best in the league, behind guys like Eric Berry, O.J. Atogwe, and Ronde Barber.

When I think of Moore's 2010 season, I tend to remember his INTs, and how he always ended up being at the right place at the right time.  But, you can bet that the Bears coaching staff recognized the same thing that PFF published, and hopefully we see more of those DB blitzes in 2011.

Make sure to check out their entire list, and tell us what you think.