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Chicago Sports Thoughts: Bears and beyond...

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In less than a week we'll have every major sports team in Chicago playing except the Chicago Bears.  But around here its Bears 24/7, there is no off season, and with the NFL Draft creeping closer football fever is still in the air.  It's a great time to be a sports fan in Chicago.  After the jump I'll hit you with a few of my Chi-Town sports thoughts, be sure to leave me some of yours.

1)  It's sad, but the injury bug may keep the Blackhawks from reaching the postseason.  They're currently in 8th and only 3 points separate 7th-10th.

2)  But no worries from the Bulls, the way that team plays lock down defense they have a shot at winning it all.

3)  Can they just give Derrick Rose the MVP already? 

4)  Expect Luol Deng to get some All NBA love at the end of the season.  Not 1st or 2nd team, but he'll get some votes and a 3rd team All NBA is a possibility.

5)  I really think the Cubs have a decent chance to with the NL Central.  Their pitching will win them a lot of games, and if some of their hitters can bounce back they could have a heck of a year.

6)  If Cubs skipper Mike Quade isn't growing on you then maybe his comments about Carlos Silva (recently left off the 2011 roster) who bashed their pitching coach will change your mind:

"I was really disappointed when I heard the comments afterwards. First of all, he's dead (blanking) wrong, okay, about my pitching coach. And I've got no (blanking) time for that.

"Second of all, respect.. it's a two-way street, period. And whether it's him or anybody else on my club, or myself, I mean, it's a two-way street, and I don't want to hear anything about respect. If you're not willing to give it. you aint getting it. OK?

7)  I think the White Sox will be in a 3 way fight all season with the Tigers and the Twins.  It should be a good summer of baseball in Chicago.

8)  Three in a row to start the season for the Chicago Rush.  Any Arena football fans out there?

9)  I think the new kickoff rule will be a non factor when ever football is played next.

10)  I really hope the Bears find a way to bring back Rashied Davis.