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Tuesday Bears Trivia: Holding the Line.

The Bears may be trying to build an offense worthy of a championship, but they have been known throughout their history for their defense. Join me past the jump for this week's trivia question:

The Bears have been about defense from day one. They won 4 championships in the 40's alone - in large part due to their defense. They recorded an astounding 32 shutouts in their first 6 years of existence. They won the first unofficial NFL Championship Game in 1932 by recording 8 shutouts in 14 games, including shutting out the Portsmouth Spartans (who became the Detroit Lions) in the championship game.

The question today stems off of that defensive dominance: Who was the first NFL player to record double digit career rushing TDs against the Bears? Name the player, the team he was playing for when he accomplished the feat (include the date if you're feeling especially froggy, but it's not necessary).

Remember the rules. Place your answer in the subject line and your request for your post topic if you win in the body of the post. Any answers not formatted this way will be disqualified. The first correct answer formatted properly wins. For a complete view of the rules, click here.

Have at it, my friends.