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The Bears Den: March 3, 2011

...where NFL owners take Scrooge McDuck-style baths in their money.*

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Pompei: personnel director brings new ideas to table. Ruskell open to moving up, uses scouting service.

Jeff Dickerson: Bears Free Agents brace for lockout. Wolfe, Clark in holding pattern.

NFL lockout: Owners, union still far apart. What happens in Chantilly stays in Chantilly.

CNBC Sports Rovell: Leverage Battle Between NFL Owners And Players Gets Closer. Chess, not checkers.

Yahoo Sports: Doty ruling should force sides to compromise. Hope for a short-term extension?

2011 Combine Risers & Fallers - NFL Draft Preview - Tape measures longer in Indy.

For DBs, straight-line speed is less important than you think. Unlike not falling down.

Patrick Peterson the top player in the draft? | National Football Post Has numbers, game film to back it up.

Dancing Bears: Who would best rep Chicago? Probably someone not named Jay Cutler.

McKinnie responds to $100K bar tab story. 100K BBQ ribs tab? Maybe.

*Helmet tip to Maggie Hendricks.

As promised, metal as it was meant to be: