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Jay Cutler By The Numbers

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Jay Cutler has played a grand total of 31 games in his two years in Chicago.  And he's already up among the All Time quarterbacking greats of the franchise.  That tells more of a story of how inadequate the Bears have been in finding a guy to play under center than it does to how good Jay Cutler has been.  He's had his ups and downs, but this isn't a post for me to get into my feelings about Cutler, I've been there and done that, this is a post to simply look at his numbers and see where he is so far after 2 years in Chicago.  If you guys want to take the comment thread in a totally opinionated direction that's your call.

I'll be using Pro Football Reference for the numbers I pull for my post.

Cutler's 597 pass completions rank him 7th all time.  He has a shot at passing Jim McMahon for 4th in Chicago history in 2011, as he's only 277 completions behind the Punky QB. 

His 987 attempts is just 1 behind George Blanda for 9th place.  Jimmy Mac is in 4th in this category as well with 1,513 and in 3rd is Eric Kramer with 1,557.  Both are attainable for Jay in 2011.

For completion percentage he currently sits behind three former part time Bears.  Cutler's 60.5% is behind Shane Matthews (366/599), Brian Griese (179/294), and Steve Walsh (208/342).

Jay's 6,940 yards passing places him 8th all time for the Bears.  If he throws for 3,500 yards next year, he'll jump to 5th behind Kramer's 10,582.

He's tied for 5th with Jim Harbaugh with 50 touchdowns passes.  He should easily eclipse Bill Wade's 68 for 2nd all time, behind only Sid Luckman's 137.  

His 42 interceptions has him down at 16th.  But he should reach the top 10 in that dubious category by passing 10th place Vince Evans and his 53 picks.  Then again, maybe Cutler will drastically cut down on his ints... 

His 87 sacks in just two years ranks him alarmingly high at 5th place.

Jay Sizzle is tops in two categories, his 223.9 yards per game and his QB rating of 80.9 is best all time among those Bears passers with more than 88 attempts.

In two more seasons Jay Cutler should have every Bears passing record.