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The Bears Den: Friday, March 4th 2011 Edition

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Where the NFL and NFLPA had Jimmy Johnson bring them some EXtenZe for their negotiations.

Hillenmeyer leaving Bears on good terms - I like this guy. He'll probably go the business side, but I bet he'd make a damn fine coach.

Bears restructure Peppers' contract - Clearing cap space. Like a boss.

Glen Kozlowski recalls his honor code suspension at BYU - Glen K apparently broke all the rules.

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Twenty-four hour extension reached for NFL labor talks - I already used my not very good joke for this one.

San Diego Chargers to ink safety Bob Sanders to 1-year deal - This headline probably should've read "San Diego Chargers ink Bob Sanders to 3-game deal", but that's not how the NFL does contracts.

Mullin: Martz's input on personnel makes no sense - Moon calls it as he sees it.

Redskins sign ex-Rams safety Atogwe to five-year, $26M deal - Remember when this guy was the answer to the Bears' defensive struggles?

Agent: A.J. Hawk, Green Bay Packers agree to five-year deal - Hey, we don't want you. Well, we do, but we're not giving you that much. Ok, hang out for five years.

Robert Gallery of Oakland Raiders says 'time for me to move on' - Offensive lineman available. Wants lots of money. Sounds like Jerry Angelo's angle.

Achilles Heel: Woody still viable after injury? - Here's another one. Can Tice teach him through his leg problems?

Tanier: NFL wants its linemen big, but not tall - Fire hydrant linemen would be cool.

Ladies and gentlemen...Weezer!