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Ranking Jerry Angelo's Drafts: Picks 11-15

In the last of this three-part series, we'll rank the final five picks of the top fifteen. This was a very fun little exercise, and I'm very glad it stops at pick number fifteen. As with picks six through ten, the faint of heart need not apply to this. Follow me past the jump to see my picks for ranks eleven through fifteen.

In case you missed the prior two segments, here's the quick recap:

1) LB Lance Briggs (2003)

2) CB/WR/KR/PR Devin Hester (2006)

3) DE Alex Brown (2002)

4) CB Charles Tillman (2003)

5) RB Matt Forte (2008)

6) DT Tommie Harris (2004)

7) CB Nathan Vasher (2004)

8) S Chris Harris (2005)

9) WR Johnny Knox (2009)

10) QB Kyle Orton (2005)

On to the final five, and believe me, this was harder than it looks...

11) S/CB/KR Danieal Manning (2006): Manning has bounced around from position to position, safety to nickel to safety, and has returned kicks on the side. But that hasn't stopped him producing. In five years, Manning has played in 77 games (missing only three) with 56 starts. He's recorded 7 interceptions with 26 passes deflected, seven forced fumbles and 272 tackles. He's also been a capable returner; since 2008 when he started returning kicks more consistently, he averages 26.8 yards-per-return. His 29.7 YPR for 2008 led the league.

12) WR Earl Bennett (2008): When Bennett was drafted and then promptly redshirted, most of us wondered how he would look when he finally hit the field. In his young career, he's shown to be a solid possession receiver, running good, precise routes. In his two active years, he's caught a hundred passes for 1,278 yards and five TDs. 

13) TE Greg Olsen (2007): Drafted at the back of the first round after the Super Bowl loss, Olsen has been derided with nicknames such as "Charmin," "Softie," et cetera. While his receiving numbers took a drop this year, he still had 41 receptions and five TDs coming off a year where he had a career high eight touchdowns, sixty receptions and 612 yards. A favorite red-zone target of QB Jay Cutler, Olsen in 62 games has 194 receptions for 1,981 yards and 20 TDs.

14) WR Bernard Berrian (2004): When the Vikings gave Berrian more money than the Bears were willing to pay, it came as a relief to most Bears fans that they weren't going to overpay for a player who in his third year had 775 yards on 51 catches... and only 28 catches in the two years prior. Berrian has been a serviceable receiver in his NFL career, having his best season in 2008 with 964 yards on only 48 receptions, with seven touchdowns. Over his career with the Bears and Vikings, he's racked up 281 receptions and 4,031 yards with 24 TDs.

15) OT Marc Colombo (2002): This was a very tough decision. But in the end, Colombo gets the nod as pick number 15. Upon being released from Chicago, he went to Dallas and has held down the right tackle position for the last five years, not missing a start in his first three and starting fifteen games just last year. Perpetually injured in Chicago, he has played like a serviceable right tackle.

If you missed the first two segments, you can find them here and here.