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The Bears Den: March 7, 2011

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...where it is not unlike a Bears Korner, minus the podcast.


Chicago Bears: Finding another pass rusher or two an offseason priority for Bears. Yes, please.

Three teams showing consistent interest in Derek Sherrod | National Football Post. "I am very NFL-ready at left tackle". Bears ready for an NFL-ready left tackle all ready.

How the medical exam affects a player's draft stock | National Football Post. Because, you know, a guy could have, say, a bad back or something and three years later a team might have to draft another NFL-ready left tackle.

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Bottom line might not be bottom line in NFL talks - NFL - Money off the top is not the bottom line.

Ron Rivera: Ron Rivera relishes first head coaching job with Carolina Panthers. Says departure from Chicago wasn't personal, credits Walter Payton for setting him on coaching path.

Ranking the Free Agents: Safeties | Hey! Danieal Manning! How about that guy?

Video: Singletary On Duerson - Chicago Bears Blog - ESPN Chicago Mickey Mantle sighting, lower left. Guy in Astro jersey picks head at 2:00 mark. Bob's lavender tie may render you unconscious.

What is soon-to-be-freed WR Plaxico Burress worth? - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL. thanks.

Bill Simmons: Greed good. Fire bad. Good read with an interesting perspective. Or interesting read with a good perspective. Either way.

Notable Misspelled Jerseys - Photos - Wha' happen'?

"Back in the Black":