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Report: RB Chester Taylor likely to return to Bears

First we got news from John 'Moon' Mullin that the Bears were likely to release RB Chester Taylor after his statistically- unfortunate performance in 2010.  Then, Jerry Angelo tells Vaughn McClure that he has no idea where the original report came from.

Typically, GMs and coaches won't tip their hands, and with insiders like Mullin, it's not always a bad idea to lend credence to the reporters versus putting stock in what the team officials say.  But, Brad Biggs is now getting on board with the idea that Taylor will return in a Bears uniform in 2011 (provided there is a season this year).

It appears that a report that Chester Taylor will be released by the Chicago Bears is going to prove to be unfounded.The Bears signed the veteran running back to a $12.5 million, four-year contract a year ago, and it stands to reason they want to get more out of their investment after he earned $7 million from the deal in 2010 alone. Plus, the presence of Taylor was one reason general manager Jerry Angelo cited for the best season of Matt Forte’s career.

Make sure to click the link to get input from Bears RB coach Tim Spencer on Taylor.

Also, our very own Lester Wiltfong, Jr. provided his take on Taylor here, and Timothy Hockemeyer gave his opinion here.

Now that it appears that we're going to see another season of Forte-Taylor, that leaves three other players- Wolfe, Unga, and Bell- to compete for what is likely two Special Teams positions.  Unga is the only one under contract for next year.

What are your thoughts?