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The Bears Den: March 8, 2011

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...where happy little bluebirds fly...and are promptly dined upon.


Do Bears need to address defensive end position? Larry talks the chalk, walks the walk.

Unga empathizes with BYU's Davies Bears running back suspended for same reasons. Good rules, bad judgment or just bad rules. Discuss.

Chris Williams: An expensive utility man? - NFC North Blog - ESPN What is the darn deal?

Follow WCG on Twitter. Be who you think you are.

Unga in line for special-teams, third-back roles - Chicago Breaking Sports. Fan club forms below.

Lockout Won't Mean Pay Cut for Coaches | NBC Chicago. Family-run business gives Bears a chance to treat their employees well.

Former Bears on ballot for college hall of fame - Chicago Breaking Sports. Bobby Douglass, Ron Rivera head list. news: Labor talks continue; union was near decertifying Thursday. The NFL and the NFL Players Association met for approximately four hours Monday in front of federal mediator George H. Cohen before calling it a day. Could have been playing Madden but whatever.

CNBC Sports Business Blog — Rovell: Time For NFL To Open Books. I see numbers...very large numbers.

Can the players physically survive a lockout? | National Football Post. Matt Bowen is smart.

NFL: Would lockout open door for UFL? - ESPN. Two important words: Television. Deal.

Pat Williams - A 38 Year Old Solution | Could instantly improve any run defense.

FOOTBALL:Video-game actor out to see if virtual skills can translate to NFL. Chicks dig sweet virtual skills.

Zbikowski set to fight second pro bout - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN. Who 'ya got? news: NFL Films' Steve Sabol stable, alert after suffering seizure. Scary. Hope he's ok. Prayers.

The 10 best undrafted players of all time | National Football Post Think of any others?

Greatest acoustic guitarist on the planet. No arguing.