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Plaxico Burress release set for June

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We've kicked the idea around WCG several times, but now we know that WR Plaxico Burress is getting out of prison in June of this year... in time for him to be eligible to play in the NFL again should a team sign him to a contract.

From John 'Moon' Mullin:

I do know the Bears are doing their due diligence on Burress, whose TD catch won a Super Bowl, and who, as Peter (King) throws in, may be approaching 34 but he’s a year and a half younger than Hines Ward

Peter would give Burress a training-camp shot "any day of the week" and I have been advocating that as well. He’s not the same guy who went into jail and we’re a nation of second chances. This guy deserves one.

Let me just throw this out there: I would be 100% behind the Bears bringing Plax into their system.  Even if he will be 34 years old, Plax's size and athleticism alone would still generate attention from defenses when he was on the field.  At 6'5", 232 lbs, he is still the prototype for big WRs in the NFL, and you have to expect he and his agent know he won't be able to command top-dollar or too much guaranteed money when he gets ready to sign a contract.

I say pull the trigger.  What about you?