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Tuesday Bears Trivia

Let's face it.  It's March, there's not much at all going on around the league and the draft is still over a month away, and with the way negotiations are going on, there may not even be a 2011 season.  This isn't exactly the most stimulating time to be a football fan.  So maybe looking backwards a bit might help to liven things up.  Stroll on past the jump to find out how......

So welcome to Tuesday Bears Trivia!  The idea is that every Tuesday, we'll post an interesting bit if Bears trivia which will usually include a trivia question.  The first person to post the correct answer will get to choose the subject of my post for Friday night.  Want to know how Devin Hester stacks up against Willie Gault?  Wondering how closely Adrian Peterson resembles "Sweetness" statistically?  Wondering which decade the Bears scored the most points?  Want to know which coach had the best record against the Packers?  Pick your poison, and I'll do my best to fulfill your wish.

Just so we have an understanding, though, let me state for the record that all requests must fall into the guidelines of family appropriate, legal and reasonably tasteful.  And being that this is a Bears website, let's keep the topics in the general realm of sports and the associated pleasures.  Follow those simple guidelines and the choice is yours.  If no winner is found by 6:00 PM Eastern on Thursday nights (highly doubtful that it comes to that), then the polls are officially mine, and Friday's post will be about knitting or something.  

One more are only eligible every once every four week, meaning that if you win this week, you are ineligible for the following three weeks, but fully eligible to win again on the forth week following your previous win.  Get it?  Got It?  Good.  Moving on.....

Turnabout Is Fair Play: December 7, 1986.

It's week 14 of the 1986 season at Soldier Field.  The Bears have pummeled the Buccaneers to the point that the Bucs, on the 10th anniversary of their worst loss ever (a 42-0 routing at the hands of the Steelers in '76) are in danger of exceeding that record.

The score is 42-0 at the start of the 4th quarter and the Bucs have the ball.  As they attempt to drive the field and save themselves from their worst defeat ever, the unthinkable happens....

The Bucs QB fired a pass off only to have it intercepted by Bears safety Todd Bell.  That's when Bell and company decided to get all tricksy.  Bell lateraled the ball to Mike Richardson, who then lateraled to Shaun Gayle.....or at least he meant to.  Instead, the lateral was picked of by Tampa WR Vince Heflin intercepted the lateral and returned it for what was recorded as a 48 yard fumble recovery. 

The Buccaneers would go on to score another TD as the Tampa QB tossed a TD to TE Calvin MaGee, but the Bears' Lew Barnes returned the ensuing kickoff 85 yards to score the final points of the game, leaving the score 48-14 after Butthead missed the extra point.

The question though, is who was the Bucs QB in that game?  Have at it, folks!